Day 8 – Joya Goffney

It’s been exciting to watch Young Adult fiction featuring Black characters blossom. Today’s characters are being allowed to fall in love, cause good trouble and, in general, be the teens they deserve to be.  Our Day 8 spotlight is Joya Goffney, one of the newest stars in the genre thanks to her 2021 debut, Excuse me While I Ugly Cry, a contemporary YA romance that showcases how social media puts us out there, whether we want to be or not.

Joya’s bio says she has a passion for “Black social psychology.”  And how badly I wish that had been a more prominent thing when I was in college. I would have loved that. It also would have likely made me even more vocal than ever, so maybe it’s best that I leave that to Joya’s gen.

The Buzz

“A hilarious and swoonworthy story.”
– Kristina Forest, author of Now That I’ve Found You

“A fun, emotionally rich romance with a sweet, imperfect character who will win your heart.”
– Liara Tamani, author of All the Things We Never Knew

Watch out for…

Pre-Order Link: Confessions of an Alleged Good Girl (May 2022)

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