The Future of 28 Days Later

When The Brown Bookshelf launched 28 Days Later in 2007, our goals were simple – honor Black children’s literature creatives who blazed trails in publishing and highlight Black children’s lit creatives who were not getting a significant level of recognition and promotional support for their works.

We’ve accomplished those goals year after year and are proud that 28 Days Later has the special honor of featuring individuals who have blessed children’s literature with classics, as well as those who have picked up the baton and broken new ground with new storytelling styles and topics.

Over the last 15 years, the landscape of children’s literature has changed and yet has not changed enough. Campaigns like 28 Days Later remain necessary in the face of book bans and uneven marketing practices in publishing. As we advocate for the amplification of Black voices in children’s literature it’s essential that we’re intentional in our approach.

To that end, 28 Days Later will take a hiatus while we use the next year to deep dive into what The Brown Bookshelf and its initiatives must look like to stay true to our mission.

Although no new features will be available, in 2023, our site remains a treasure trove of Black children’s literature profiles. And we invite you to join us in February 2023 as we share some of our favorite features from the 28 Days Later archives.

The Brown Bookshelf Team

One thought on “The Future of 28 Days Later

  1. Hi Brown Bookshelf Team!

    I hope all is well. I am so thankful and grateful for your 28 Days Later Campaign! Year in and out you have featured authors/illustrators that tell our stories in a myriad of ways. I have bought many of books because of your posts. Take your much deserved hiatus, even in the mix of uneven marketing and book bans. I look forward to your next journey!

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