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Janet McDonald

Janet McDonald once wrote about her mis-adventure with psychic Sylvia Brown. The experience was much less than she’d anticipated and she spoke of the sick, sinking feeling that came over her as the reality that the reading was more scam than paranormal science. It didn’t shock me that McDonald consulted a psychic. Many of us [ Read the full article… ]

Freddi Williams Evans

As a mom, Freddi Williams Evans made sure her children’s world was filled with books. She read to them often and found herself swept away by the stories too. Evans searched for books that showed reflections of African-American kids and culture. She found some, but knew there could be more. Evans decided to add her voice. Despite receiving rejections [ Read the full article… ]

M. LaVora Perry

I was so excited at the prospect of interviewing M. LaVora Perry — I’ve been admiring her enthusiastic spirit, sense of humour, and won’t-take-no-for-an-answer attitude for a long time. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood, LaVora fell in love with writing in the 4th grade thanks to Mrs. T.–a teacher who was [ Read the full article… ]

Dinah Johnson

Accomplished. Creative. Family-oriented. Passionate.                         Four qualities embodied in today’s featured author. Dr. Dianne “Dinah” Johnson obtained her undergraduate degree from Princeton University in English, with concentrations in African American Studies and Creative Writing. She then received her Master’s Degree in African American Studies, and her Ph.D. in American Studies from Yale University.  Today, she is a [ Read the full article… ]

Eric Velasquez

To describe illustrator Eric Velasquez as a “prolific artist” would be an understatement. Before snagging his first picture book contract, he created art for more than 300 book jackets and interior illustrations — more published art than many illustrators create in a lifetime. A few of those titles include Journey to Jo’Burg and its sequel [ Read the full article… ]

Tonya Hegamin

Tonya C. Hegamin is an author that refuses to be penned down to one category. She has degrees in both poetry (from the University of Pittsburgh) and in creative writing (from the New School University). She’s penned both picture books (Most Loved In All The World, Houghton Mifflin, 2008) and novels. And even within her [ Read the full article… ]

Sharon Bell Mathis

As a child, one of Sharon Bell Mathis’ favorite reading spaces was the iron fire escape above the backyard. There, she stepped through the pages of books into new and exciting worlds. “I don’t remember when I actually realized how very special was this private playground/haven/sanctuary of mine . . . Everything was possible while [ Read the full article… ]