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Day 28 – Amber McBride

A visit to Amber McBride’s web page is a trippy visual journey with the author walking through what looks like a misty lane through a thick forest. It makes me shiver even though she’s sleeveless in the bright sunshine. Visual journeys are today’s featured authors specialty. Her debut novel, Me (Moth) is a YA in [ Read the full article… ]

Day 27: Tina Wells

On this the twenty-seventh day of February, The Brown Bookshelf is honored to highlight:  Tina Wells Middle school is hard – but it’s way harder when a fairy godmother puts you under a truth-telling spell! June has always been a people-pleaser, telling harmless little lies to make her friends and family happy. She’s convinced being [ Read the full article… ]

Day 26: Adrea Theodore

Dr. Adrea (pronounced AY-dree-ah) Theodore is a mother, pediatrician, and debut children’s book author. Her picture book, A History of Me, was published on January 18, 2022 by Neal Porter Books and is illustrated by Erin K. Robinson. Adrea’s passion for the holistic well-being of children is evidenced through her work at a child advocacy [ Read the full article… ]

Day 24: Shanna Miles

Named after a character in a novel, Shanna Reed Miles was destined to have a literary path. She wrote her first book in elementary school and shared it with a cousin. Fast forward to adulthood. Shanna found her home as a high school librarian, a fulfilling job that brought her back to her roots. A [ Read the full article… ]

Day 23 – Sarah Dass

Today’s author is a mirror author for me. One existence by day, another by night. No, we’re not superheros (or are we?) but children’s lit authors with day jobs!  There’s a special type of focus needed when the rigors of the day job have to be sloughed off in order to engage with an entire [ Read the full article… ]

Day 22: Alleanna Harris

I’m a nonfiction fan. I especially love reading biographies of unsung African American heroes. I think it’s important for all kids to know about  important contributions Black people have made to United States history, and I’m glad that talented illustrators like Alleanna Harris are bringing these stories to life. Since entering the field of children’s [ Read the full article… ]

Day 21: David Anthony Durham

David Anthony Durham is the author of a trilogy of fantasy novels set in Acacia: The Sacred Band, The Other Lands, and The War with The Mein, as well as the historical novels The Risen, Pride of Carthage, Walk Through Darkness, and Gabriel’s Story. His first fantasy novel for children, The Shadow Prince, was published in October 2021, and his next The [ Read the full article… ]