Amplify Black Stories Announces 24-Storyteller Cohort

Program of connection and bridge-building with the children’s publishing industry springs forward  Edited to correct spelling of sponsor Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency Honesdale, PA – In partnership with the Highlights Foundation, the Brown Bookshelf today announced the cohort of storytellers selected for Amplify Black Stories, a six-month program focused on supporting Black storytellers, confronting industry [ Read the full article… ]

Spotlight on Elle McKinney & Robyn Smith’s Nubia: Real One

I admit to being  jaded about the DC or Marvel universes. When the movies first showed up on the big screen, I was excited to see a form of fantasy and magic take center stage. I  brimmed with anticipation, just like everyone else of an *ahem* certain age that had watched the cartoons or the [ Read the full article… ]

PRESS RELEASE: The United State of The BrownBook Shelf

Amplification and Advocacy Group To Galvanize Black Kid Lit (August 24, 2020) – The Brown Bookshelf is calling on the children’s literature community to assess and change traditional practices that marginalize the work of Black children’s literature creatives.  The organization has amplified the voices of nearly 400 children’s book authors and illustrators since its inception [ Read the full article… ]