Announcing the 13th Class of 28 Days Later Honorees

We have a list! Our signature campaign, 28 Days Later, is designed to celebrate Black children’s book creators and raise awareness of those who may be under the radar of librarians, educators and families. The list is created through considering nominations posted on our site and internal research. 

Each day of Black History Month, we shine a spotlight on an outstanding author or illustrator. Please join us in congratulating the amazing creators we’re honoring beginning February 1 and tune in to learn more about their books and journey.

Thank you for your support.

Day 1 – Siman Nuurali

Day 2 – Ashley Franklin

Day 3 – Camryn Garret

Day 4 – Daria Peoples- Riley

Day 5 – Hasan Davis

Day 6 -Malaika Adero

Day 7 – Kyandreia Jones

Day 8 – Kristina Forest

Day 9 – Tonya Engel

Day 10 – Sharon Langley

Day 11 – Nikki Grimes

Day 12 – Kwame Mbalia

Day 13 – Ibtihaj Muhammad

Day 14 – Ronni Davis

Day 15 – Karyn Parsons

Day 16 – Justin Reynolds

Day 17 – Sade Fadipe

Day 18 – Ashleigh Corrin

Day 19 – Maurice Broaddus

Day 20 – K. Ancrum

Day 21 – Jonah Larson

Day 22 – Joshunda Sanders

Day 23 – Charlotte Nicole Davis

Day 24 – Kevin Noble Maillard

Day 25 – Morgan Parker

Day 26 – Pat Cummings

Day 27 – Dapo Adeola

Day 28 – Shauntay Grant

Day 29 – What’s New with The Brown Bookshelf

3 thoughts on “Announcing the 13th Class of 28 Days Later Honorees

  1. Hello I would like to suggest you considering John Steptoe an award winning author and illustrator of 17 books. Although he is no longer alive his legacy is kept alive by his daughter Bweela Steptoe.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Bweela Steptoe

  2. Day 5. Hassan Davis grew up in Atlanta and lives in Berea, Kentucky. He is one of the best writers and actor s in the South!

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